The arthropods are another diverse group of invertebrate animals that have some special feats. Their chitinous exoskeleton functions like a suit of armor, and while it is hard on the body, it is soft on the joints, thus giving them working jointed legs. In the beginning of time, they inhabited the water and looked more like aliens than anything else. However, over time, they evolved to be more modern and monstrous, and in the Silurian, they brought out one of their greatest advantages: they were the first to scuttle out of the water and find a new home on land. They were also the first to be capable of flight, as seen in the Carboniferous.

Arthropods Throughout Time (note that those are not all the ones that exist)Edit

Cambrian ArthropodsEdit

Ordovician ArthropodsEdit

Silurian ArthropodsEdit

Devonian ArthropodsEdit

Carboniferous ArthropodsEdit

Permian ArthropodsEdit

None recorded.

Triassic ArthropodsEdit

None recorded.

Jurassic ArthropodsEdit

Cretaceous ArthropodsEdit

None recorded.

Paleogene ArthropodsEdit

Neogene ArthropodsEdit

None recorded.

Quaternary ArthropodsEdit

None recorded.

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