After the dinosaurs got bombarded by the meteor, the mammals were left to rule the Earth. They did do so, and soon grew to large sizes, started showing uniqueness in themselves, and even did as much as dominate the seas, the land, and the skies. However, they would not rule without one of their biggest companions: the birds. In fact, both had diversified greatly, but the birds had outnumbered the mammals 2 to 1. Similarly to the mammals, the birds had grown to large sizes, started being unique, and ruled alongside the mammals in every environment except the water. As well as this, the reptiles had still kept their course, and even became more modern. Soon, humans came into the scene, and had hunted a fourth of these creatures to death (another fourth had died due to a massive ice age). The remaining half of the animals live alongside humans onward in this era.

Major Periods

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