The dinosaurs are a diverse superorder of reptiles that are highly known and loved. There are two types of dinosaurs: the saurischians, which consist of theropods and sauropods, and the ornithischians, which consist of thyreophorans, ornithopods, and marginocephalians. While the bipedal ones (usually theropods) walk on two legs and have a long tail for balance, the quadrupedal ones (all the rest) usually have a slightly shorter tail. Having started out in the Triassic, the dinosaurs were small, but soon were able to grow to large sizes, and started to show uniqueness in themselves, as shown in the Jurassic. Because of this, the dinosaurs had ruled the land, while pterosaurs ruled the skies, and the fish and marine reptiles had dominated the seas. As well as this, the theropod dinosaurs would evolve into a unique group of animal: the birds. In the Cretaceous, the dinosaurs had continued their dominion of the Earth alongside pterosaurs, reptiles, and fish. However, at the end of the Cretaceous, a meteor struck the Earth, causing all dinosaurs to die out, and leaving the mammals and birds to rule the planet.

Dinosaurs Throughout Time (note that those are not all the ones that exist)Edit

Triassic DinosaursEdit

Jurassic Dinosaurs (excluding birds)Edit

Cretaceous Dinosaurs (excluding birds)Edit

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