Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Placodermi
Order  ???
Family  ???
Genus Entelognathus
1st Species Entelognathus primordialis
Other attributes
Time Range 423-419 mya
Location China
Name Meaning Complete jaw
Physical Dimensions 20 centimeters long
Dietary Classification Carnivore

Entelognathus is a placoderm fish from the Pridoli-Early Devonian of China. It was named in 2013 by Min Zhu. It was the earliest known animal with a face, and due to having modern jaw anatomy, it has suggested that the common ancestor of jawed vertebrates was not some ancient cartilaginous fish, but rather, a placoderm.


Entelognathus was a unique placoderm. It had the regular placoderm build (a modern-looking fish with an armored head, toothless jaws, and upward-facing tail); however, it also had very modern cranial and jaw bones, similar to non-placoderm bony fish and tetrapods. Its body would have been covered in scaly skin, with bony plates protecting its head.


Entelognathus was a predator, preying on small invertebrates. Its rough, toothless jaws were used for getting a hold of any struggling prey, as well as grinding them.


Not much is known about Entelognathus.

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