Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Myriapoda
Class Diplopoda
Subclass Arthropleuridea
Order Eoarthropleurida
Family Eoarthropleuridae
Genus Eoarthropleura
1st Species Eoarthropleura devonica
2nd Species Eoarthropleura hueberi
3rd Species Eoarthropleura ludfordensis
Other attributes
Time Range 420-373 mya
Location Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada
Name Meaning Early jointed ribs
Physical Dimensions 1 meter long
Dietary Classification  ??? (presumed omnivore)

Eoarthropleura is an eoarthropleurid eoarthropleurid millipede arthropod from the Pridoli-Late Devonian of Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada. It was named in 1976 by Leif Størmer. It was one of the oldest terrestrial millipedes, and by extension, one of the oldest terrestrial arthropods.


Like its cousin, Arthropleura, Eoarthropleura resembled a large, primitive millipede, with a lengthened, flat body, broad plates protruding from the sides of each segment and running down its body, multiple pairs of walking legs, a moderately large head with short antennae and small eyes, and a semi-circular plate sitting atop its head. However, its legs were longer, its tail segment was pointier, and its body had a more ovoid shape (as opposed to Arthropleura's nearly elliptical body). Its body would have been covered in a hard, chitinous exoskeleton.


Eoarthropleura's diet remains unknown, although some may speculate that it was an omnivore, primarily feeding on ferns, but also preying on small invertebrates.


Not much is known about Eoarthropleura, although some may speculate that it lived very similarly to Arthropleura, quickly crawling throughout the land, and eating anything that it came across whenever it was hungry.

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