The mammals are the product of many years of evolution. They have limbs for walking, fur for keeping warm, and unlike all other animals (which lay eggs), they usually live-birth their young. Having been descended from the primitive synapsids in the Jurassic, the mammals started out small, and stayed small for all of the Mesozoic, as they were always hiding from the rulers of the land at the time: the dinosaurs. However, after all the dinosaurs died, the mammals started to diversify, grow to large sizes, and show uniqueness in themselves, as shown in quite a bit of the Cenozoic. However, they would not rule alone, as the birds had also came to rule the earth with them. Soon, a branch of mammals would evolve into the largest group of noticeable vertebrate organisms: us.

Mammals Throughout Time (note that those are not all the ones that exist)Edit

Jurassic MammalsEdit

Cretaceous MammalsEdit

Paleogene MammalsEdit

Neogene MammalsEdit

Quaternary MammalsEdit

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