Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Sarcopterygii
Order  ???
Family  ???
Genus Megamastax
1st Species Megamastax amblyodus
Other attributes
Time Range 423-419 mya
Location China
Name Meaning Big mouth
Physical Dimensions 1.2 meters long
Dietary Classification Carnivore

Megamastax is a lobe-finned bony fish from the Pridoli-Early Devonian of China. It was named in 2014 by Brian Choo and his team. It was the world's first vertebrate apex predator, and it was the biggest vertebrate during the Silurian.


Megamastax resembled the generic lobe-finned fish. It was a coelacanth-like fish with a bulky body, fleshy, lobe-like fins, and a semi-small head. Its body would have been covered in scaly skin.


Megamastax was a predator, preying on trilobites, small orthoconic cephalopods, small eurypterids, and smaller fish. Its front teeth were used for catching prey, while its back teeth were used for crushing it, meaning that it was capable of both tearing smaller fish apart and cracking the shells of mollusks and arthropods.


Not much is known about Megamastax.

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